Hub Systems - IT Solutions for the transport industry

HUB Systems was established to meet the needs of the transport industry for professional services and expertise in the practical application of technology to the management and control of the operation of the business.

The company is dedicated to providing comprehensive and cost effective solutions for automating the activities of mobile fleet operators.

For in excess of twenty years the principals have demonstrated their experience in the design and development of transport systems. Their combined experience has resulted in the installation of the majority of the courier and taxi truck systems in Australia as well as the bulk of the technical advances in the booking, costing, despatch and tracking of consignments.

HUB Systems is a group of experienced professionals who have been involved in the transport industry for a number of years, and have proven track records. We are committed to the creation of sound commerical relationships that will serve all parties well into the future.

The key personnel have the expertise and necessary skills to manage the full range of transport systems projects and take full responsibility. HUB is able to co-ordinate the appropriate resources, ensuring that we can quickly respond to the various needs of the clients and the challenge of ever changing technology.

companyAs the owners and original developers of the Carry System, a specialist system for the light transport sector; particular the courier/messenger/taxi truck companies, we established our early willingness to examine and develop to suit the needs of specialist companies.

Early installations in the mid 80's established the quality and reliability of the product design and implementation and proved its market leadership.

More recent developments provide the essential support for greater operating efficiencies and improved use of mobile data solutions as well as delivering the technology base for later implementation of Expert Systems. The inclusion of internet integration, B2B backend systems, EDI from clients and direct control of GPRS/CMDA driven data collection solutions are just some of the additional functions available in our systems.

companyThe quality of the design, development, marketing and support skills of the key personnel who make up HUB today is reflected in success in selling, implementing and supporting in excess of 100 sites installed in Australia and New Zealand, and in managing and directing product development in recent years.

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