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All FMS systems and allied products have been designed, and extensively refined specifically to meet the needs of a broad cross-section of the transport industry.

Our systems are sufficiently flexible that businesses that operate with a fleet of vehicles, who are allocated work are able to achieve substantial improvements in the operation of their booking, despatch and administration departments.

Courier, Taxi Truck, Messengers, Parcel Delivery, Interstate Road and Airfreight Operators alike, have seen the obvious benefits from the installation of FMS.

All processing and updating of the various information databases happens in real time - this eliminates "after the event, end of day" processing and updating of customer balances or driver information. With FMS you always have instant, on-line access to what is happening and the latest "state of the nation".

Experience with in excess of 100 sites in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the USA over the past fifteen years has demonstrated that this approach is effective and aids greatly in delivering a less stressful, less noisy work environment for staff, while providing greater control and superior reporting tools for management.

The extensive knowledge that the developers of FMS have gained in the transport industry, through their experience with both large and small operations has ensured FMS proven reliability, stability and simplicity and has enabled installations to be carried out smoothly and without disruption. As part of the implementation process, FMS is tuned to individual users' requirements, ensuring that every user achieves substantial productivity gains whilst maintaining their own unique method of operation.

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