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The breakthroughs in communications systems, enabling two way, time stamped transmissions of Job information with live Track & Trace and Signature Capture via secure connections is a major advancement in customer service, improved efficiency and ultimately cost reduction.

The newest or latest technology to have an increasing impact in the transport area is the use of portable data terminals utilising improved communications methods such as GPRS or CDMA 1X, to provide "real-time" information updates between the transport provider, its clients and drivers.

In keeping with our committment to the advances in technology, and keeping you abreast of developments, HUB continues to provide, develop, and offer flexible solutions to enable the maximum utilisation of these offerrings. However there are many and varied hardware, software and service options arriving in the marketplace and it can all be somewhat confusing, especially when transport is your area of expertise rather than technology.

Portable Data Terminals are referred to in many ways i.e. PDT's, PDA's, Scanners, Palm devices and iPaqs to name a few. They are essentially a handheld computer or portable data device that doesn't have to be plugged in except for the purposes of battery re-charging, and are very simlar to mobile phones, which of course we can no longer do without.

The process works by FMS gathering general booking information and client job or information requests in the normal way. General use of the system remains unchanged other than the fact that against the driver are the relevant details about the handheld device that they are currently using. It should be noted that these devices can be phased in slowly and any current mobile data devices can continue to be used exactly as they are now.

Despatch and bookings systems remain unchaged, with FMS "talking" to the various interfaces and knowing how to send the information out to the various handheld or mobile devices, and indeed receive and display updates coming back. The amount of information available will depend on the levels of despatch currently being used, and just how individual operations wish to structure things.

Put simply, from an internal or external FMS users perspective nothing appears any different other than the fact work gets to drivers considerably quicker and in turn their responses are more immediate.

Imagine all vehicles being directly connected to the main system in the same way as the internal phone system; it's just a case of picking up the appropriate handset. Drivers simply log-on when they are ready to commence operations for the day.

The various interfaces ensure that the conversion of jobs or data is taken care of so that the correct formats are used as appropriate, and drivers, staff and customers see things displayed the way they should.

There are many benefits all centered around faster, more accurate information flow resulting in efficiencies for staff, drivers and customers.

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