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Internet Integration

A quality set of web based tools for your customers is becoming more crucial as companies demand instant access to job booking and tracking. By supplying a web interface that allows booking, pricing, tracking and account maintenance to your clients you not only give them the information they desire, but also take load off your bookings and customer service staff.

We have a comprehensive and highly configurable set of client service tools available for integration into the FMS system.

For Transport companies wanting to offer web based services to their customers we recommend the implementation of a fully managed internet service provided by Hub complete with multiple levels of security. This ensures that your company is not exposed to potentially unfriendly users of the net and effectively leaves everything to Hub.

Simply Hub hosts your booking and tracking pages ( linked to your homepage ), and provides the booking, tracking and reporting facilities required. The hardware platforms that we utilise for the hosting of this are Intel Pentium, RAID based systems suitably configured and supported with maximum redundancy provided to ensure the Internet link is never down. Security is managed at the Hub host well before anything gets passed to your respective site for processing.

Any current access to the Internet from within your company can effectively remain unchanged, except through a permanently connected machine that contains the necessary "fire walls" to maintain security.

Effectively Hub can manage all hardware and/or software development, email requirements and Internet connections for you; allowing management and staff to stay focussed on running your business.

You can access our test internet bookings system here. Please contact us for a username and password.


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