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FMS is our core product for the transport industry. It handles all aspects of your transport systems computer requirements, from job intake through despatch, billing, driver payments and management reporting.

The core system can then be integrated with several other products to produce a robust and feature rich system to add value to your company and give you an edge in the competitive transport market.

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Advanced Despatch

Advanced Despatch is the highest level of Despatch offered by HUB and has been designed to speed up work flows between despatchers, drivers and customer services. It enables despatchers to customise their screen in many ways in order to suit their own individual requirements. It also provides superior communication tools between despatchers and drivers which when used in tandem with mobile data devices, can eliminate the requirement for voice communication over radio. At the very least it enables reduced dependence on radio networks which are costly to maintain. At present some HUB customers have done away entirely with their radio network due to the improved communication Advanced Despatch and PDA’s offer.

Below are some of the main features and benefits of Advanced Despatch. A live demonstration is required to fully appreciate the benefits of Advanced Despatch:

  • Despatchers have a more customised environment to better suit their needs.
  • All the tools showing where the fleet is and what they are doing are on one screen
  • Job modifications and/or alterations to job legs can be rearranged quickly by the despatcher
  • When clicking on a job the pickup and delivery details are displayed on the one line which means the despatcher does not have to search around the screen for the full details of the job
  • Better integration with mobile data devices which means quicker and more effective communication between drivers and despatchers
  • Drivers can be split up between despatch channels and grouped on screen by vehicle type.
  • Signatures are available immediately and are visible in despatch so there is no more waiting for run-sheets to be returned
  • Ability to view as much or as little information as management allow, ie driver earnings, completed jobs, late running jobs, etc etc

Handheld Mobile Data

PDA devices, enabled with GPRS or CDMA1X networking capability are a valuable tool to give instant access to information to both you and your customers. We have written a number of PDA solutions that tightly integrate with your other systems to give you the best possible results from your data devices.

As well as allowing transfer of job information, and the return of statuses, like many Mobile Data Terminal devices, these devices allow enhancements such as barcode scanning and signature capture.

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GPS and Mapping

In order to fully utilise Advanced Despatch, HUB have developed a GPS/Mapping solution designed to sit alongside the Despatch screen and give the despatcher a visual location of the fleet matched to the job information on the despatch screen.

The HUB GPS/Mapping solution allows the handheld mobile data device to communicate over HUB’s VPN (Virtual Private Network) via GPRS. This not only allows HUB and HUB’s customers to control PDA usage but also allows HUB to offer a very cost effective flat rate for communications. Current customers using PDA’s find that dealing with HUB directly for software, hardware, internet and GPRS services is preferable to dealing with multiple suppliers.

The HUB GPS/Mapping solution can be viewed by the Courier company wanting to know where the drivers are and also by the Courier Company’s customers who also may want to be able to view vehicle location, route history, etc.

Internet Integration

A quality set of web based tools for your customers is becoming more crucial as companies demand instant access to job bookings and tracking. By supplying a web interface that allows bookings, pricing, tracking and account maintenance to your clients, you not only give them the power and information they desire, but take the load off your phone staff.

We have a comprehensive and highly configurable set of client service tools available for integration into the FMS system.

You can access our test internet bookings system here. Please contact us for a username and password.

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Either as a tool to assist despatchers or as a management tool, the Spy tool gives you immediate access to many different parts of your FMS system. The screen layouts are customisable for each user, and user levels ensure that unauthorised users don't get access to sensitive data. The information presented can alert you to system issues immediately, or help you keep an up-to-the-second eye on your days trading.

EDI Solutions

We have developed a protocol for the import and export of data from our systems. We not only support our own XML based data types, but we have written the systems such that any number of data formats or transport mechanisms can be used to send and receive data.


Tracking of freight is an important tool for both you and your customers. Our tracking system not only allows for passive tracking of goods, but can proactively query tracking information against imported manifests, from a large number of import sources. This allows tracking data not only to be queried but also to be pushed to your customers' systems.

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Special Projects

From time to time, we are called upon to do special projects for our customers. Whether a small custom application for a simple and specific purpose, or a complete system for running a company's entire operation, our experience with many industries and a large range of development environments has allowed us to create tools with a perfect fit for our customers' requirements.

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